Check how much you can reduce the carbon footprint in your company by choosing ecological LIBRA PARTNERS pallets instead of wooden pallets

WELCOME TO LIBRA PARTNERS technology with ecology in mind


Choose the type of pallets you are interested in

Standard pallets

– Model MW01

– Model MW01-R

Recommended for all industries where the important aspect is the weight of the pallet, durability and the fact that the raw material comes from recycling.

Antibacterial pallets

– Model MW01-MED

– Model MW01-MED-R

Pallets recommended for the pharmaceutical and medical industries The LIBRA PARTNERS antibacterial pallet model MW01-MED received the opinion of the Poznań University of Technology for innovation on a global scale.



Innovative Libra Partners Palettes

LIBRA PARTNERS' mission is to become a key player in sustainability, a concept that will undoubtedly shape the company's guidelines in the coming generation.

The circular economy is a philosophy of systemic organization inspired by living beings, aiming to change the linear economy (produce, use and dispose) to a circular model, as in nature.


Sustainable Recycled Pallets

Due to the fact that the raw material from which the pallets are made is 100% recyclable, we guarantee our customers the collection of used and damaged pallets purchased from LIBRA PARTNERS. There is no waste in this business model, there is a Circular Economy model.
Similarly, as a socially responsible and ecologically aware company, we want our production process to also stand out with the highest standards of environmental management. We do this through a business model focused on ZERO WASTE.


The successor to wooden pallets

Replace wooden pallets with ecological LIBRA PARTNERS pallets made of recycled HDPE material! Thanks to simulations and calculations carried out in accordance with the EN 16258:2012 standard for measuring the carbon footprint, we are able to indicate how much the carbon footprint / CO2 emission to the atmosphere will decrease using LIBRA PARTNERS pallets. Emission reduction using 33 LIBRA PARTNERS pallets per month is 400kg CO2.


News and information

They're talking about us

They're talking about us

President of the Management Board, logistics industry
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We are interested in cooperation in the field of regular purchases of recycled plastic pallets. LIBRA PARTNERS pallets are lighter than standard ones, which translates into lower fuel consumption of our vehicles.
Director of ESG, pharmaceutical industry
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We express a deep interest in purchasing pallets made of recycled raw materials. This will have a positive impact on our company's Sustainable Development policy.
Head of the ESG department, food industry
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We are considering changing the existing wooden pallets to LIBRA PARTNERS pallets. Thanks to the lighter weight and the fact that they come from recycling - we will be more ECO and it will have a very positive impact on the image of our company.
Export manager, food industry
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Due to the export of our products to the UK, we had to buy fumigated wooden pallets. LIBRA PARTNERS pallets are physiologically inert and do not require reporting according to the ISPM15 standard. For us, it saves time and we are more ecological.
Sales Director, Medical Devices Industry
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Due to the sea export to North and South America, the choice of LIBRA PARTNERS pallets will be both economical and ecological!